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At some point, every homeowner has dealt with the excruciatingly slow process of grass growth or the expensive option of putting down sod. Hydroseeding in West Linn, Newberg, and surrounding locations is a relatively new and popular seeding method through which a mixture of grass seed, mulch, water, biostimulants, and other elements is sprayed onto the area you’re seeding. It results in an easy application process, controlled soil erosion, and lowered costs.


If you’ve been meaning to explore this option, continue reading as this blog dives into the knicks and knacks of hydroseeding services in Oregon. 


Step-by-step guide to the hydroseeding process

Hydroseeding is an efficient, high-quality, and inexpensive lawn seeding method that combines a mixture called a “slurry” (seed, mulch, fertilizer, soil amendments, and water) in a hydroseeder tank and then applies that mixture to the intended surface using high pressure. 


Professional hydroseeding arborists in West Linn, OR, generally follow the steps listed below,

Seed Selection

Hydroseeding allows you to customize seed blends based on your local weather or preference. If you hire a professional, they can help you pick an appropriate mixture.


Soil Testing

Even though soil tests might seem unnecessary, they ultimately determine what goes into your slurry. 


Remove Weeds and Debris

Next, they prepare the soil, which involves removing weeds, rocks, wildflowers, and any other debris restricting the grass growth or leaving your garden uneven.


Lay Topsoil & Compost

Once the soil is prepped, they add topsoil and compost to give the grass seed an ideal environment for growth.


Prepare the Hydroseeder

Next, the hydroseeding professionals prepare the hydroseeder agitator for application. They mix your high-quality dry seed mixture, fertilizer, water, and any other biostimulants you plan to put down on your soil.


Spray the Hydroseed

Now it’s time to apply your hydroseeding slurry. They use a hose to spray an even ground cover. 


Maintain Your Lawn

After the hydroseeding work is complete, they will water the area two to three times a day until the grass grows to a few inches tall.


Top benefits of Hydroseeding


Seed Distribution: 

Hydroseeding ensures the even distribution of seeds over the designated area. Leading hydroseeding experts in Newberg, OR, reveal that the seed and mulch slurry allows for consistent coverage and reduces the risk of uneven germination, which promotes a more uniform turf or vegetation.



The biggest advantage of hydroseeding is its cost-effectiveness. Compared to traditional methods like sod, hydroseeding is at least 50% to 80% more affordable, especially when larger working areas are concerned. Not to forget that completing a hydroseeding project is less labor-intensive and can be accomplished in a short period of time. 


Leading hydroseeding services provider in West Linn, OR, reveals that the reduced need for manual labor and faster vegetation establishment can lead to long-term cost savings.


Quick and Efficient Application: 

Top hydroseeding specialists in Newberg, OR, also suggest that this planting process is much faster and more efficient than traditional hand seeding or broadcast seeding methods. Arborists can apply slurry using specialized hydroseeding equipment, making it more efficient for covering large areas in a shorter time frame.


Moisture Retention: 

Due to the all-important mulch in its mix, hydroseeded grass retains more moisture than traditional planting techniques like sod, broadcast seeding, and straw-blown seed. Due to this surge in moisture, germination increases, which helps in the effective, long-lasting establishment of lush lawns and increased success rates of seeding.

Leading hydroseeding services in West Linn, OR, believe hydro-mulching can be crucial in arid regions where water conservation is a concern.


Faster Germination: 

Leading hydroseeding experts in West Linn, OR, reveal that hydroseeding promotes faster germination and the growth of plants. The seed is surrounded by a nutrient-rich slurry, which creates an ideal environment for germination and initial growth. 


Versatility in Seed Mixtures: 

Top hydroseeding arborists in Newberg, OR, believe hydro-mulching is a pretty versatile method that allows for custom seed blends, including various grasses, flowers, and other vegetation. This flexibility enables landowners to choose the most suitable seed mix for their specific needs, whether for erosion control, landscaping, or re-vegetation.


Reduced Soil Disturbance: 

Compared to traditional methods like tilling, hydroseeding reduces soil disturbance and is important for preserving the existing soil structure and minimizing disruption to the ecosystem.


Healthier Lawn:

As discussed earlier, hydro-seeded lawns are thicker, greener, and more efficient than their sod and hydro-seeded peers. Some common reasons why hydroseeding leads to a healthier lawn include,


  1. It leads to stronger root systems.
  2. It causes fewer weed seeds.
  3. It promotes early growth.


Erosion Control: 

The mulch component in the hydroseed mixture helps prevent soil erosion. It forms a protective layer over the soil surface, reducing the impact of rainfall and preventing the loss of topsoil. The slurry protects the soil from erosion agents like wind, rain, sun, and pests, which burrow through the soil. 


Top hydroseeding services in West Linn, OR, suggest that this hydraulic mulch seeding method can benefit slopes and areas prone to erosion.


Nutrient Content: 

Top hydroseeding experts in Newberg, OR, reveal that compared to traditional methods, Hydroseeding is more versatile for mixing fertilizers and other soil amendments into the slurry. This ensures that the newly seeded area receives the necessary nutrients for optimal growth right from the start. You can also use this method with different kinds of seeds. For instance, you can hydroseed wildflowers and ground covers in addition to traditional turf.


Hydroseeding Compared to Traditional Methods

Hydroseeding is the best option if you need a quickly established beautiful lawn in West Linn and Newberg, OR.


  1. Hydroseed: If you want rapid lawn development but don’t want to pay the high prices, then Hydroseeding in Newberg, West Linn, and nearby areas is your best bet. It’s cost-effective, appropriate for medium to large areas and seeding projects, and provides faster germination and erosion control compared to traditional seeding methods.


  1. Laying Sod: However, if you want your landscape to look full quickly and don’t mind paying about double the cost of hydroseeding for immediate results, then even sod is a convenient option.


  1. Reseeding: Traditional seeding is ideal for homeowners looking for an affordable option and also don’t mind waiting six to 10 weeks for the results to show up.


Final Takeaway 

Hydroseeding is the best option for all your gardening needs if you want to balance your budget and the results timeline. American On Site Brush Grinding & Mulching is your go-to resource for hydroseeding, mulching, land and brush clearing, and erosion control in Newberg, West Linn, and surrounding areas.


We are licensed, bonded, and insured and maintain all the necessary documentation you need to hire a hydroseeding contractor confidently. You can rely on us for cost-effective hydroseeding, which is done using professional equipment and methods.


Once your lawn has been hydroseeded, it will require consistent care, particularly for the first month. Luckily, our experts at American On Site Brush Grinding & Mulching provide clear and thorough aftercare instructions to ensure the successful installation of your newly seeded area.

Contact us at (503) 554 0915 to schedule an appointment with our team today.



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