Mulching Services

Mulching Services

Do you want your land cleared, but you’re not sure what to do with all of the brush, bushes, small trees, or material that would come from clearing everything you see on your land? For American On Site Brush Grinding & Mulching, we have the perfect solution! To clarify, brush mulching is a way to clear your land where you use specialized machinery to cut, grind and mulch that material into the ground it came from (check out the cool video below). People confuse brush mulching with land clearing because both methods can clear your land. You would be surprised at how easily those materials can be turned back into the perfect mulch with our mulching equipment. Those small trees (less than 8 inches in diameter)? Mulch! A field of brush and blackberry or salmonberry bushes? Mulch! We are the perfect solution! Clear your land and enrich your soil at the same time with all that organic matter.


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Brush Mulching – Hassle Free! 


We can mulch just about anything up for you, including 6 to 8 inch trees. We’ll grind up your new mulch so it looks similar to hog fuel for a more appealing look. You won’t have to worry about pulling roots up or trying to grind tree stumps yourself; our experienced pros will handle that for you. Best of all, all work is done on site for your convenience!

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