Hydroseeding is a slurry of grass seed, fertilizer, tackifier, and water sprayed onto your prepared soil. Spraying is much faster than manually spreading seeds. Once your lawn has been hydroseeded, the grass seed and fertilizer are protected by a green layer of mulch that seals in moisture and helps prevents rain from eroding the soil and washing away the seeds even on steep banks. Hydroseed services in Newberg, OR, and West Linn, OR, provide the ideal environment for germination. Much faster germination will occur because the seed was soaked with water in the mix. Hydroseeding in Newberg, OR, and West Linn, OR, allows you to have a lush, green lawn in a few weeks, depending on the time of the year and the watering consistency after application.
  • Quicker, more uniform germination
  • Superior erosion control
  • Dust control
  • Roadsides & Highways
  • Schools & Universities
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Sports fields
  • Cost-effective

Site Preparation Instructions

  1. Rototill 4”-5” of compost into existing soil with lime added
  2. Rake and smooth the soil removing sticks and rocks as you go
  3. Re-grade as much as possible (as a dip now will be a dip later)
  4. Try and make it as smooth as possible; on the top layer of soil, you should be able to see the footprint not sinking
  5. Water the surface for about a week.
  6. Waiting time- about a week or so; you need to kill any and all weeds- spot spray. No need to remove the weeds; they will act as compost delivering nutrients to your lawn. Wait approximately 1-5 days after weed abatement, depending on the herbicide use (check product label for specifics) before hydroseeding application.
  7. One to two days before application, be sure you grade your soil surface so that it is smooth and level. The hydroseed has to make contact with the top layer of the soil.
  8. Provide access for the hydroseeding equipment and hose to target areas. Remove any obstacles that might hinder access before our arrival.

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