American On-Site Brush Grinding & Mulching is your go-to land clearing and mulching resource. If your property is overgrown with brush, sticker bushes, or small trees, we can help and pride ourselves on making it easy! Sometimes, customers confuse us with an excavation company—we’re not, but we help set up land for excavation companies.


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  • Do you have a parcel of one to 80 acres (or more)?
  • Is that land covered in brush, small trees, and blackberry or salmonberry bushes?
  • Have you been quoted high prices from excavation companies to clear your land?

Let us help you get the full use out of your land! As a landowner, there isn’t much more frustrating than owning acreage that you can’t do anything with because it’s covered with brush and thorny bushes that you can’t walk through. Cleared land offers you so much more use of your land! You can plant trees or plants you want, set your land up so excavators and builders can build, or prep land for agricultural uses. Whatever your reasons, we encourage you to check out our photo gallery to prime your imagination on what is possible with hydroseed services in Portland, OR, and brush-clearing services near you!

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Professional land clearing involves removing trees, brush, and debris to prepare land for development. AOS uses a multiple-step procedure based on terrain characteristics, vegetation type, and project objectives. These may include mechanical cleaning, partial cutting, and grinding of stumps. If you're looking for brush-clearing services near me, this is the process involved.

Mowing is the process of cutting vegetation and clearing brush, which can be well done with mulchers and grinders. If you want the best results, use the expert services from AOS Brush Brush and Land Clearing, who offer brush clearing services near me. After the area has been cleared, you can consider hydroseed services in Portland, OR, for replanting and ground erosion control.

The land-clearing process typically involves site assessment, permitting (if required), vegetation removal, debris hauling, and final grading. This prepares the land for construction or other uses. For professional results, consider AOS Brush and Land Clearing's brush clearing services near me. Contact us at (503) 554-0915 for an accurate estimate.

You need to clear your land if it's overgrown with brush, obstructing potential development, or posing a fire hazard. Evaluating the land's usability helps determine if you require brush-clearing services near me. For professional assistance, reach out to our experts at (503) 554-0915.

Hiring a qualified professional like AOS Brush and Land Clearing ensures efficient and safe clearing of your land. We have the necessary experience, expertise, and equipment for effective brush-clearing and hydroseed services in Portland, OR.

When done responsibly, land clearing can minimize environmental harm. Eco-friendly methods, proper planning, and professional brush-clearing services near me can help reduce negative impacts.

Yes, professionals at AOS Brush and Land Clearing specialize in brush-clearing services. We effectively remove overgrown vegetation to prepare the land for various uses, ensuring perfect conditions for subsequent treatments like hydroseeding or other landscaping needs in Portland, OR.

The cost of brush clearing services near me varies based on land size, vegetation density, and specific requirements. For accurate pricing, contact our team of professionals at AOS Brush and Land Clearing for a quote.

Yes. At AOS Brush and Land Clearing, all services tailored to meet the unique needs of each project, including hydroseed and brush clearing, are available for both residential and commercial properties in Portland, OR, and surrounding areas. Contact us at (503) 554-0915 to find suitable options.

The cost depends on factors like area size and seed type. For precise estimates, inquire about hydroseed services in Portland, OR, from our team of experts at AOS Brush and Land Clearing. We recommend contacting us at (503) 554-0915 for a free consultation to discuss your specific needs and receive a customized quote.