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American On Site Brush Grinding & Mulching is your go-to resource for Land Clearing, Mulching, Erosion Control & Hydroseeding. If you own property that is overgrown with brush, sticker bushes, or small trees, we can help and we pride ourselves on making it easy! Sometimes customers confuse us with an excavation company – we’re not – we do help set up land for excavation companies, though.


American On Site
Based on 10 reviews
American On Site
Based on 10 reviews
Keith Stewart
Keith Stewart
00:09 02 Jun 23
I was referred to AOS, and it's the best one I've ever had! Replaced my failed home sewage pump on the same day in record time. With competitive costs and great service, I'll never use anyone else. A true "customer service" business!
We have used these guys a few times over the years. This last experience was even better than the great service we’ve had in the past.I briefly explained my problem, they worked out a schedule to be here the next day.Amanda was great, but I have to give a huge thanks to Josh. He remembered us from a few years past, identified my issue quickly and gave me great advice to solve it quickly to avoid bigger issues later.I highly recommend them!!Thanks again.Chad BurnettNewberg
Kari Lundell
Kari Lundell
04:50 22 Apr 22
So grateful to Jim & John who came to the house. The lady on the phone listened, asked a few questions about the clean out pipe and yard. Drains had been working all day then did a load of laundry in the evening and suddenly everything is backing up. We made a few calls around immediately the next morning when it was obvious we couldn't clear it ourselves. American came to the house a few hours later, friendly, helpful, didn't just do the job but took the time to review out septic maintenance practices so they could get a good idea of how it may be flowing, or not, and why. Got the clog cleared and came in considerably less $ than I expected to pay. Definitely will call them again, just hopefully not too soon. Thank You!
Steve R
Steve R
02:10 20 Nov 21
Excellent service. Great pricing. Fast and efficient I wish I could give them six stars.
Malina D.
Malina D.
10:45 15 Jul 21
We needed to replace our septic tank and although we had to wait a month or so (other companies were longer (end of covid)). They had a reasonable bid. They...
Brett N Mary F.
Brett N Mary F.
13:12 27 May 21
We were impressed with the quality and professionalism all the employees we have come in contact with at American On Site. Quick and courteous, a pleasure...
D C.
D C.
14:43 28 Aug 20
Came home to an alarm sounding on our septic panel. Called Speedy Septic (previous servicer and latest inspector to our system). They wanted $225 for...

Erosion Control

At AOS Brush & Land Clearing, we provide erosion control services to West Linn, OR, and Newberg, OR, avoiding and minimizing erosion. Our team of professionals has accumulated years of expertise in projects ranging from modest residential lots to significant commercial complexes. We have developed a reputation for providing superior workmanship and top-notch customer service to residential and commercial clients, thanks to our years of experience in the field.

For new building projects, we offer land clearing and grading, excavation for foundations and utilities, brush and trash removal, erosion control, and many other services. Our professionals employ modern tools and methods to execute each project safely, effectively, and efficiently. At AOS Land Clearing, we are proud of our dedication to environmental sustainability and make a concerted effort to reduce the negative effects of our activities on the local ecosystem. Whether you need excavation for a house extension or site clearance for a new development, we can offer specialized solutions that meet your unique requirements and price range.

Types of Erosion Control Measures.

At AOS Brush & Land Clearing, we provide a variety of erosion control techniques to assist in stopping soil erosion. Some of these actions consist of the following:


It covers the soil’s surface with synthetic or organic materials to prevent erosion of wind and water.


  • Terracing

Level steps or platforms are created on slopes to reduce water flow and stop erosion.


  • Riprap

Big rocks or concrete blocks are typically placed along riverbanks or shorelines to stop erosion brought on by water currents.

AOS Brush & Land Clearing will evaluate the project site and recommend the best practices based on your unique requirements and erosion control in Newberg, OR, and West Lin, OR.

Importance of Maintenence in Erosion Control

While erosion control techniques successfully stop soil erosion, you must maintain their efficacy. Maintaining erosion control in Newberg, OR, regularly helps to ensure that they are working as intended and can spot any problems that need to be fixed. AOS Land Clearing offers continuing maintenance services to ensure your erosion control methods operate properly and efficiently.
Inspection of erosion control structures, repair of any erosion or damage, and removal of any accumulated sediment or debris are all regular maintenance tasks. Making the necessary maintenance investments guarantees that your erosion control systems offer the greatest protection.

Inspections for Erosion Control Services by AOS Land Clearing Professionals

In Portland, Oregon’s lush landscapes, where urban growth blends with natural beauty, efficient erosion control services in Portland, OR, are paramount. At AOS Brush and Land Clearing, we understand how important erosion management is to maintaining the delicate ecosystem balance and protecting properties from nature’s unrelenting forces.

With years of experience, our seasoned professionals understand the complex dynamics of erosion and how it affects infrastructure and the environment. We evaluate the topography through thorough examinations, pinpointing susceptible regions and hazards associated with erosion. With this understanding, we design all-encompassing erosion management strategies that lessen the present danger and protect against upcoming obstacles.

Our team successfully executes erosion control services in Portland, OR, measures using cutting-edge methods and environmentally conscious procedures, with a strong dedication to quality work and environmental stewardship. Whether it’s installing erosion control services in Portland, OR, structures, developing vegetative cover, or stabilizing slopes, we prioritize solutions that blend in with the surrounding environment while guaranteeing long-term durability. Join together with AOS Brush and Land Clearing to benefit from unparalleled knowledge in erosion control services that go beyond simple preservation and promote a future in which human pursuits coexist with the natural world.

Why Choose AOS Brush and Land Clearing?

Our team of skilled experts at AOS Brush and Land Clearing is dedicated to offering high-quality erosion control services in Newberg, OR, and West Linn, OR. We employ the most up-to-date tools and methods to provide the best outcomes for your project because we are thoroughly aware of the special obstacles that erosion control poses in various situations.

We take pride in our skill set to complete projects on schedule and budget, and we work hard to provide the best for our clients in all we do. Your project is in capable hands thanks to our expertise in erosion prevention.

Get in touch with us right now to learn more about our erosion management solutions and how we can help safeguard your property against erosion’s devastating impacts.


AOS Brush and Land Clearing uses state-of-the-art erosion control products in West Linn, Oregon. Strictly selected for effectiveness and durability, these solutions strengthen landscapes, guaranteeing strong resistance against the forces of nature.

House erosion is addressed by AOS Brush and Land Clearing in West Linn, Oregon, using a combination of natural and manmade remedies. Our erosion control in West Linn, OR, strengthens homes and improves the surroundings by erecting a defense barrier.

AOS Brush and Land Clearing uses cutting-edge methods to address erosion control in West Linn, Oregon. Concrete structures can regain their stability and durability by addressing the underlying issues.

AOS Brush and Land Clearing is a leader in erosion control in Newberg, Oregon. They take time-tested approaches to address problems and improve the resilience of the natural landscape for long-lasting effects.

AOS Brush and Land Clearing uses careful methods and supplies to fill holes for erosion control in Newberg, Oregon. This method effectively repairs landscapes, averting additional erosion problems.

Erosion seriously threatens the integrity of infrastructure, waterways, and landscapes. By pursuing erosion control services in Portland, Oregon, we can stop soil erosion, maintain soil fertility, safeguard water quality, and protect natural habitats.

Natural elements like wind and water (rainfall, runoff) combined with human actions like deforestation and inappropriate land management techniques are the main causes of erosion. You require erosion control services in Portland and Newberg, OR.

AOS Brush, Land Clearing, and other committed environmental erosion control services in Portland Newberg, OR, manage soil erosion. We successfully reduce erosion risks through strategic planning and execution.

Although erosion is normal, too much can harm infrastructure, agriculture, ecosystems, and water quality. Therefore, managing land resources effectively with erosion control services in Portland, OR, and preserving the balance of natural habitats depends heavily on reducing erosion.