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Brush Clearing & Land Clearing Experts

American On Site Brush Grinding & Mulching is your go-to resource for land clearing and mulching. If you own property that is overgrown with brush, sticker bushes, or small trees, we can help and we pride ourselves on making it easy! Sometimes customers confuse us with an excavation company - we’re not - we do help set up land for excavation companies, though.


Trusted Brush Removal Professionals

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Who Is Our Customer? 


  • Do you have a parcel of land that ranges in size from one to 80 acres (or more)? 
  • Is that land covered in brush, small trees, and blackberry or salmonberry bushes? 
  • Have you been quoted really high prices from excavation companies to clear your land?


Let us help you get the full use out of your land! As a landowner, there isn’t a lot that’s more frustrating than owning acreage that you can’t do anything with because it’s covered with brush and thorny bushes that you can’t walkthrough. Cleared land offers you so much more use of your land! You can plant trees or plants that you want, set your land up so that excavators and builders can build, or prep land for agricultural uses. Whatever your reasons, we encourage you to check out our photo gallery, just to prime your imagination on what is possible!